Custom Drapes

If ever there was a classic window covering that conveyed majestic sophistication and extraordinary luxury, it would be the drapes. Drapes can cover light gaps left by other window treatments for maximum privacy and control of room darkening.

Key Features

Characteristic: From soft sheer drapes through to brilliant blockouts, add that warm and cosy finish to any room with drapery.All fabrics other than sheers are fully lined with liner.There are many functional liners for you to choose, blackout, thermal, water repellent, sheer or flannel-backed.

Fabric: Thousands of fabrics and countless styles are available for you choose, including textured linens, silk, cotton, velvet, and sheer materials and so on, help you create the perfect look in your home.Customization is supported, except our fabric and patterns in stock, you can send us your preferred fabric and photos,we can manufacture according your preference only if you achieve our MOQ.

TOP&Bottom Treatment: You can adding valance at the top improves the light control and creates a more finished look.We also offer a selection of bottom treatments, including standard and fabric-wrapped options.

Customization: We can also manufacture constructions according to your requirement when you achieve our MOQ.

Blackout Ice Grey C222
Blackout Ice Blue C22P
Blackout Mint C30212
Blackout Sea Breeze Blue C30213
Blackout Emerald Green C30214
Blackout Oyster White C30215
Blackout Beige C411
Blackout Blue C412
Blackout Gray C413
Half Shading Luster Silver C30226
Half Shading Luster Dark Gray C30227
Half Shading Luster Blue C30228
Half Shading Luster Pink C30229
Half Shading Luster Coffee C30230
Half Shading Vanilla Chocolate T3-22
Half Shading Golden Sunshine T3-28
Half Shading Silvery Moonlight  T3-4
Back Coating For half shading C30200
Textured White C30101
Solid White C30102
Customization is supported

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