Sliding Panel

The sliding panel is a modern solution for wide windows, patio doors or as a room divider. Panels can easily be stacked one behind the other to let in plenty of light and open up a room. When closed, they show their weave and texture.

Key Features

Characteristic:Sliding Panel are in multiple functions, it can light filter glare sunlight and protect your privacy, it is also a dramatic backdrop for your interior, can also double as a room divider.

Fabric:The natural material decorates your house, they are healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly, which draw you closer to the nature and meet your different requirement. There are numerous colors, slats sizes, finishes to complement your decor.Customization is supported, except our fabric and patterns in stock, you can send us your preferred fabric and photos,we can manufacture according your preference only if you achieve our MOQ.

TOP&Bottom Treatment:You can adding valance at the top improves the light control and creates a more finished look.We also offer a selection of bottom treatments, including standard and fabric-wrapped options.

Customization:We can also manufacture constructions according to your requirement when you achieve our MOQ.

Half Shading Linen Beige 01204
Half Shading Foggy Grey 01205
Half Shading Pure White 01207
Fabric-Greyish White 01301
Fabric Navy Blue 01302
Coffee 01303
Fabric Smoky Grey 01304
Fabric Dark Grey 01305
Fabric Black 01306
Fabric White 01307
Jacquard White 02201
Jacquard Coffee  02202
Wooden Beige  02203
Wooden Coffee 02204
Off-White 02206
80% Shading-Shinny Brown 02207
80% Shading Shinny Grey 02208
Apple Green 03301
Passion Red 03302
Royal Purple  03303
80% Shading-Shinny Brown 02207
Grey  03304
Jacquard White  04301
Jacquard Coffee  04302
Grey Brown  04303
Linen Beige  05302
Pure White  05303
Foggy Grey  05305
Jacquard Coffee  04302
50% Shading Natural Wheat 29101
50% Shading Natural Cocoa  29103
70% Shading Natural Almond  29105
65% Shading Natural Moonlight  29106
95% Shading Natural Taupe 29116
Customization is supported

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