Vertical Sheer

Vertical Sheers are a soft and modern alternative to traditional vertical blinds, combining transparency and soft shades. Composed of alternating vanes of sheer and opaque fabrics, they give the illusion of one solid panel of drapery and are perfect for large windows and patio doors.

Key Features

Characteristic:  Dual fabric slats that create a magical mix between transparent views and a light filtering or room darkening, solid partition. The vanes can be tilted to different angles, when open, the transparent sheer fabric softly filters the light and preserves your view, while protecting your furnishings from UV rays. When the vanes are closed, they block light to darken the room and enhance privacy.

Fabric: The slats are inserted into the trails separately, they are individual which allow to walk through it at will. And it can be cleaned separately, no need to take down the entire blinds.There are many options of sheer fabric to choose, different colors and textures for both fabric and sheer, meet your different requirements of aesthetic and light filter. Customization is supported, except our fabric and patterns in stock, you can send us your preferred fabric and photos,we can manufacture according your preference only if you achieve our MOQ.

TOP Treatment: You can adding valance at the top improves the light control and creates a more finished look.

Customization: We can also manufacture constructions according to your requirement when you achieve our MOQ.

Half Shading  White 1 C32001
Half Shading  Beige 1 C32002
Half Shading  Coffee C32003
Half Shading Dark Grey C32004
Half Shading  Light Grey C32005
Half Shading  White 2 C32006
Half Shading  White 3 C32007
Half Shading  Beige 2 C32008
WHalf Shading  White 4 C32009
Blackout Grayish White C32014
Customization is supported

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