Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are a stylish choice that offers a number of features that include durability, moisture resistance and ease of cleaning for any room. No more hanging cords, vinyl blinds feature a tilt wand and cordless lift design to provide a clean and classic look to every window in your home or office. Yooksmart implements your ideas and requirements, design and program, offering you the best solution for your commercial or household project at the best price.

Key Features

Characteristic: Horizontal vinyl blinds give you maximum control over the amount of light in your space, you can raise/lower the curtains and adjust the angle of the slats, to control light filtering and privacy at will. The "S" and "L" curved fins greatly reduce the gap between the fins. provides absolute privacy and more thermal insulation.

Fabric: Vinyl slats are made of polyester, it is fire-retardant material that resists humidity, dust, stains, and scratches, and are easy to clean, prefect for high-humidity, high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. There are numerous colors, slats sizes, finishes to complement your decor. Customization is supported, with the exception of our fabrics and models in stock. Yooksmart can manufacture according to your favorite materials and patterns.

Customization: We can also manufacture constructions according to your requirement when you achieve our MOQ.

White with Texture B25509
Beige with Texture B25510
Brown with Texture B25511
Gray with Texture B25512
White B611
Gray B612
Blue B617
Beige B61B
Milk tea B61K
Customization is supported

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