Sheer Shades

Sheer shade is designed with horizontal vanes between two fabric sheers. Yooksmart affords you the pleasure of enjoying natural light and the luxury of privacy with its soft, noble design and 180° adjustable vans. Realize your ideas and requirements, we design and program, offering you the best solution for your commercial or household project at the best price.

Key Features

Characteristic: Sheer shades can afford you the luxury of having light and privacy at the same time. When the vanes are open, the front and back sheer will filter glare sunlight, while keep your private space hidden, without sacrificing your view of the exterior. With the vans are closed, you will gain both blackout and privacy.

Fabric: Yooksmart manufactures light-filtering, darkening, and anti-dazzle fabrics features a shimmering coordination style. Customization is supported. You can send your favorite fabric and photo to us, we can make as your request.

Customization: Yooksmart produces designs according to your requirements if you meet our MOQ.

60% Shading Narrow Gold 23202
60% Shading Narrow White 23204
60% Shading Narrow Beige 23205
60% Shading Narrow Brown 23206
90% Shading Narrow Black 23207
60% Shading Narrow Grey 23208
85% Shading Narrow White 23301
85% Shading Narrow Yellow 23302
85% Shading Narrow Grey 23303
60% Shading Wide Linen Beige 23210
60% Shading Wide White 23211
60% Shading Wide Grey 23212
85% Blackout Wide White 23306
85% Blackout Wide Grey 23307
60% Shading White 23213
60% Shading Beige 23214
60% Shading Grey 23215
60% Shading Coffee 23216
85% Shading Texture White 23308
85% Shading Texture Beige 23309
85% Shading Texture Grey 23310
85% Shading Texture Coffee 23311
Customization is supported

    Control Method

  • Remote Control

  • Switch Control

  • Timer Control

  • Infrared Control

  • The Third Party Switch

  • Dry Contact Control

  • Smarhome System Control

  • Input The key Then Get The Power, Example: Hotel

  • Mobile Control By Wifi

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