Roman Shades

Classic yet contemporary, roman blinds represent the perfect marriage between traditional hand-sewn craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. The Roman shade is a retro and elegant curtain style. When the curtain is lifted, it is featured by soft curtains or smooth folds in the fabric. The rope controls the drape at the bottom of the curtain, using the drawstrings or continuous rope loops to raise and lower the fabric. Yooksmart implements your ideas and requirements, project and program, offering you the best solution for your commercial or household project at the best price.

Key Features

Characteristic: Roman blinds provide curtain-like warmth while maintaining the functionality of a blind. Each full or flat fold of the fabric is designed to create a consistent aesthetic that works seamlessly.

Fabric: Roman shades are available in transparent, light filtering and blackout versions. There is a wide selection of colors and textures to choose from, including cotton, linen and natural weaves. Customization is supported, except for our fabrics and patterns from stock. Yooksmart takes full charge of manufacture according to your ideas and requirements .

Customization: You need to remark your preferred fabric and photos with your order, and then we can manufacture constructions according to your requirement if you achieve our MOQ.

Pure white 50% blackout 31101
Linen Beige 60% blackout 31102
Blue Flower 70% blackout 31103
Dark Grey 80% blackout 31104
LGrey Wave 65% blackout 31105
Stripe Beige 70% blackout 31106
Chidori-grid 80% blackout R001
Coffee 65% blackout R002
Grey 65% blackout R003
Pink 65% blackout R004
Pink 70% blackout R005
White 60% blackout R006
Green 65% blackout R007
Light Green 65% blackout R008
Grey 70% blackout R009
Pink 70% blackout R010
Grey 80% blackout R011
Beige 70% blackout R012
Grey 95% blackout R013
Green 70% blackout R014
White 65% blackout R015
Yellow 70% blackout R016
Green 95% blackout R017
White 60% blackout R018
Grey 95% blackout R019
Orange 95% blackout R020
Orange 95% blackout R021
Liner beige 95% blackout R022
Liner dark grey 95% blackout R023
Liner greyish white 90% blackout R024
Liner khaki 95% blackout R025
Liner coffee  95% blackout R026
Customization is supported

    Control Method

  • Remote Control

  • Switch Control

  • Timer Control

  • Infrared Control

  • The Third Party Switch

  • Dry Contact Control

  • Smarhome System Control

  • Input The key Then Get The Power, Example: Hotel

  • Mobile Control By Wifi

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